For visitors

During the pandemic

Since October 29, 2020, we have new temporary restrictions in the form of more strict general guidelines that concern also our sauna. The board of Tanto Bastuförening has decided to close the sauna for visitors, which means that there will be no public sauna times until further notice.

We closely follow the advice from the public health authorities, and as soon as we can have public sauna times again in a safe way, we will get back with more information. We ask for your patience. We do everything we can to be able to open the sauna again in a safe way.


Packing list for visiting the sauna:

Two towels, one to sit on in the sauna and one after bathing in the lake.

Swimwear for bathing in the lake.

Water to drink (there is no fresh water on the raft).

Cash for the fee. The fee is 50 SEK through the Swish app. If you don't have the app (you need a swedish bank account in order to register) the host accepts cash and will Swish the fee for you. Because of this the host can't give you any change and we therefore ask you to bring the exact amount required.

Non alcohol policy and other regulations

Tanto Sauna is owned by the municipality of Stockholm and is therefore under the same regulations as a public place, hence the non alchohol policy. This out of respect for the other visitors and your own safety.

When visiting the sauna the host expects you to live up to the values that Tanto Sauna stands for. Please note that the host have the authority to ask you to leave the premises.

Tanto Sauna values:

A place where each and everyone are to been shown respect and consideration,

where the benefits of bathing sauna and cold water is central

and good meetings and conversation is worthwhile.

Preliminary opening hours for the public

NOTE: During the pandemic the sauna is closed to the public.

Check the public facebook page before to see if the sauna host has created an event and will thereby open up the sauna for the public!